How good is your memory?
How good is your memory?
Can you recall those good old days? Do you remember when hamburgers were just 15 cents at McDonalds?  Cruising through the A&W drive-in on 8th Street? 
Well, how good really is your memory?  We'll continue to keep this page in place to test how well you remember your Senior year at Rapid City High School ... 1963-1964.  Answer all these questions and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.  Good luck!



1) Who was chosen by the South Dakota Sports Writers Association for the 1963 Class AA Football All-State Team?
Dale Skillman
Alan Burkhalter
Dick Keller
Dick Kuster
2) Which classmate set an all-time South Dakota state prep mark in 1963 of 58' 4" in the shot-put?
Ryan Schmelz
Roger Wilson
Dale Skillman
Cal Clifford

3) What happened on April 17, 1964?
RCHS Junior-Senior Prom
Ford introduced the very successful Ford Mustang
Martin Luther King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech
RCHS track team wins the BHC title
4) Who was selected as the "R Day" Homecoming Queen in 1963?
Mary Ann Materi
Sandee Coin
Rita Magnuson
Rusty Barney

5) What was the top single record for 1964?
"Pretty Woman" - Roy Orbison
"I Get Around" - The Beach Boys'
"Can't Buy Me Love" - The Beatles
"Rag Doll" - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
6) Who played "Mrs. Boyle" in the RCHS Drama Club's presentation of "The Mousetrap"?
Georgia Unser
Rita Magnuson
Julie Raben
Susan DeMersseman

7) Who won the "Good Citizen" Award sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution?
Becky Marshall
Carol Lee
Jeanne Olson
Carol Bagby
8) Who was a 2 time South Dakota state wrestling champion?
Jim Thompson
Dan Copps
Dick Stagner
Mike Messinger

9) Who was the Editor-in-Chief of the 1964 Pine Cone yearbook?
Gay Ward
Jane Christle
Kathy McCullen
Patty Colerick
10) What was chosen as the top movie for 1964?
My Fair Lady
Mary Poppins
The Pink Panther

11) Who was the valedictorian of the RCHS Class of 1964?
Richard Munson
Richard Stagner
Jeanne Olson
Carol Lee
12) Who was the salutatorian of the RCHS Class of 1964?
Richard Munson
Richard Stagner
Jeanne Olson
Sara Gentry

13) What Happened on November 22, 1963
President John Kennedy assassinated
RC Cobblers defeated SF Washington in football
Paul Fisher's 17th Birthday
President John Kennedy assassinated and Paul Fisher's 17th Birthday
14) Who played the role of "Curly" in the RCHS musical "Oklahoma"
Dennis Klein
John Mitchell
Jon Wergin
Perry Borella

15) Foreign exchange student Carsten Anderskov was from what country?
16) Who was our Student Council President?
Larry Brown
Sara Gentry
Robert Coleman
David Kegaries

17) What was RCHS Class of 1964 class flower?
Red Rose
White Gardenia
White Carnation
Red Geranium
18) What was the RCHS Class of 1964 class motto
"Learn from the past, live for the present, prepare for the future."
"Enjoy life today, tomorrow and forever."
"Cherish yesterday; live today; reach for tomorrow."
"Special times and special places, special friends together; the moments pass so quickly, but the memories last forever."