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RCHS Class of 1964
55th Reunion
September 19-22, 2019

1964 Cobblers ... welcome to our class web site! 

If you haven't completed your profile on the "Classmates" page ... please do so.  Continue to use that page to keep your personal information up to date.  Take a peek at the new photos that are being added to the "Photo Albums" page.  Finally, c
heck back here often to read the "Class Messages" posted below about new class information ... we hope you all stay connected until our next reunion!

Messages for our Class
Messages for our Class
Class Messages


Classmate Daniel Mack died November 28, 2017 ... please see his obituary on the "Memorials" page.

Classmate Duane Mann died June 12, 2017 ... please see his obituary on the "Memorials" page.

Classmate Dick Manley died February 3, 2017 ... please see his obituary on the "Memorials" page.


Classmate Larry Painter died October 21, 2016 ... please see his obituary on the "Memorials" page.

Happy Birthday Class of 1964!  The birthday party in Rapid City on September 10th to joyously celebrate the "strangeness" of most of our classmates turning 70 was a big success!

Classmate Robert Alexander died March 17, 2016 ... please see his obituary on the "Memorials" page.

Classmate Marie Miller died January 13, 2016 ... please see her obituary on the "Memorials" page.

Classmate Judy Bennett Vieth died April 27, 2016 ... please see her obituary on the "Memorials" page.


Classmate Ellen Lowe Christensen died in 2015 ... please send us any additional information regarding her memorial.

Classmate Sharon Oyler Paule died July 12, 2015 ... please see her obituary on the "Memorials" page.

Classmate Richard Alsager died April 26, 2015 ... please see his obituary on the "Memorials" page.


Classmate Jim Hanson died November 13, 2014 ... please see his obituary on the "Memorials" page.

Rapid City High School 1963-64
Rapid City High School 1963-64

The Priceless Gift

"Consider yourself blessed to have been a Baby-Boomer,

Born as a member of arguably the 2nd best generation ever,

Lucky to have been placed in Rapid City during your formative years,

Surrounded by RCHS classmates and friends with strong personal values that hopefully shaped your life in the most positive manner possible.

This gift was priceless!"



Golden Memories ... A 50 Year Reunion Celebration

Amazing! Awesome! Tremendous! Wonderful! Wow! ... the best reunion ever!  These were just some of the many remarks offered by classmates during our September 2014 reunion.

This reunion seemed to come and go way too quickly!  Most classmates felt there was just not enough time to visit and catch-up with everyone.  Our special "Thanks" to our 1st time attendees ... we loved seeing you!

"Don't look so sad, too bad it's over
But life goes on, and this old world will keep on turning
Let's just be glad we had this time to spend together"

Adapted from "For the Good Times"

Read through the "Events Highlights" page to re-visit the memories of this reunion again. Everyone should visit the "Photo Albums" page to see all the reunion photos that were added.  Then share your personal memories of this special celebration on the "Guest Book" page, or use the "Contact Us" page to send us your comments for posting.


120 Classmates ... What a terrific 50th Reunion!
120 Classmates ... What a terrific 50th Reunion!

RCHS Class of 1964
RCHS Class of 1964
Some memories just last forever!  Please click on the "Music" icon at the bottom of this page to play these songs that will help you remember the fun we had during all those good old days at RCHS.
1) "We Go Together" (Grease)
2) "Moments to Remember" (Four Lads)
3) "The Way We Were" (Barbara Streisand)
(Sorry ... unfortunately these songs will not play on mobile devices that don't support Adobe Flash Player (iPads, iPhones, etc.). 
'Moments to Remember'
"Moments to Remember"
"Though summer turns to winter
And the present disappears
The laughter we were glad to share
Will echo through the years
When other nights and other days
May find us gone our separate ways
We will have these moments to remember"
From "Moments to Remember"
1964 Class Song

Our rchs1964.com web site was funded through a generous anonymous gift in memory of our classmate ... Pam Houk McGowan.